What is the most effective and straightforward way of giving students an enhanced sense of self-esteem?

Monday, July 8, 2019

In recent years it has become increasingly clear that self-esteem is a key issue in determining progress at school. Generally speaking, the more self-esteem a student has, the more positive the individual feels about her/his life.

And as a result of this enhanced self-esteem, the more the individual develops and enhances her/his abilities.

There are of course many ways of enhancing self-esteem, but one approach that is particularly effective, and indeed comparatively easy to establish with a very low cost base, is singing in an ensemble.

This in itself can, of course, be achieved through simply singing in a school choir.  But when the school takes part in a national exhibition of singing, and the pupils and students perform alongside 5,000 others from schools across the country, the results can be extraordinary.

For many such an experience is the start of a revolution in the way that they see the world and perceive their place within it. Increased levels of engagement with and enjoyment of school work inevitably follow.

It was to encourage this sort of experience and development that we established “Voice in a million” 10 years ago. It gives an opportunity for all participants to come together united in song to perform in front of their own family, friends, and a sizeable audience.  It has been billed as The World’s most spectacular school concert’

2400 schools and in excess of 110,000 children have taken part in our previous concerts and in 2020, 350 schools and 15,000 more children will again experience Voice in a Million at Wembley on the 17th, 18th and 19th March.

The cost is only £12.50 per participant.  We supply all the rehearsal materials, plus the concert t-shirt for each individual to wear and keep as a souvenir.

What’s more, for those who join us each year Voice in a Million acts as an inspirational event that can change their perceptions both of themselves and of the world around them.

Source: The Schools' News Service