How to help your students handle exam stress

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With exam season approaching, many students start to feel the apprehension and stress that comes with it. Juggling multiple exam dates, revision topics and pressure to do well, students start to feel overwhelmed and maybe even panicked and this may lead to negative effects on their performance. Read on for some tips on how to help reduce stress for students in the run up to their exams.

1. Help them to feel that their stress is justified

By showing students that what their feeling is normal, and most likely shared with their peers, they can alleviate some of their stress with each other. This could then lead to ways in which the stress can be managed and shared such as group study sessions among students or helping each other to revise. 

Assure them that they are not alone and support is readily available should they feel they need it. 


2. Set up study skills/exam support sessions

It is possible many students have chosen to go down the solo route when studying, it might be helpful for them to also be involved in some group revision sessions, which could help their learning. Set up a few sessions for students to come together and share their own knowledge and revision tips among each other. This could also create a space where students can come and study peacefully, especially if there are many distractions at home.


3. Identify ways to manage stress

For students who are unfamiliar with the overwhelming stress of revising for (multiple) exams, suggestions on how to manage the mixed emotions and their time in the run up could make all the difference to the mindset and mental health of pupils. Helping pupils to feel calmer and in control could also help their exam performance. 

 Simple ways to help students relax include light meditation or mindfulness sessions,  exercising different breathing techniques, listening to calming music or even just spending some time outside. 



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