10 Things You Never Thought You’d Say Until You Became a Teacher

Monday, October 21, 2019

For teachers, there’s almost no such thing as a normal day. Students, no matter how old they are, do some pretty strange things over the course of the school day. Often times, you find yourself stringing together sentences that you would have never guessed you’d say. Like ever.

Recently, we asked our Facebook fans to share some of the most surprising things they’ve said as a teacher. Here are some of our favorites. 

1. “Please don’t bite me.”

Lori B. says this was met with, “Oh, I wasn’t going to bite you. I just wanted to lick you.’”

2. “Who is snorting like a pig?”

It’s certainly true that teachers end up having to investigate mysterious animal noises being made by humans more often than the average person does.

3. “Don’t microwave the baby.”

4. “Don’t touch his Woody without his permission.” 

Chris W. said this after a student tried to take a classmate’s Toy Story toy. 

5. “You can have your cremated snake back at the end of the day.” 

Sometimes you just have to remove the distraction from the equation. 

6. “Why do you have your grandma’s false teeth?”

And we want to know: Does grandma know about this? 

8. “Please don’t use your tongue to touch the button on the Smartboard.” 

This is never a good idea. 

9. “Why do you have fried chicken in your pocket?” 

This takes snacking to a new level. 

10. “Why do you have a baby bird in your backpack?” 

It was alive. But it sure didn’t belong at school. 

Source: WeAreTeachers