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How To Write A Great Job Ad

You may think that writing a great advertisement for a job would be straight simple correct? Well think again, you need to make it appealing to the candidate so they have an interest in applying for the job. Below is our guide on how to write a great job advertisement.

#1 Target your audience

Before you even write your advertisement, think about what audience you are targeting. The reason for this is to know how to go about your advertisement. If it’s for a new apprentice role, you wouldn’t use dialect within the job that they may not understand.

#2 Bullet lists for easy reading

Bullet points are a professional way of showing text, It looks clear and concise and it attracts the reader, thus being effective. Here are a few reasons on why to use bullet points:

  • It attracts the reader
  • It’s clear to read so it’s easy to read and understand
  • Can be used as a checklist
  • Makes it stand out
  • Nobody likes to read a huge paragraph!

#3 Short paragraphs

Short paragraphs will make it easy to read and clear to see, thus making the candidate reading the advertisement properly instead of skimming and missing key parts. Remember, you’re writing an advertisement. Not terms and conditions!

#4 Make it easy to read

The best thing to do is to explain the job in the simple terms, using big words might scare candidates off. Remember, you’ll have the interview to tell them more about the job so keep it short, sweet and clear! Also, use bold writing for important information as the candidates may miss them!