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Employment Office is a revolutionary recruitment solutions provider that recruits across all industries.

Employment Office is here to change the way you recruit staff!

Up until now, if you wanted to recruit somebody you either had to do it yourself or go through a recruitment agency. Doing it yourself is time-consuming, costly, and usually ineffective. Using a recruitment agency costs you 15 – 25% on top of the candidate’s salary, you only get a limited number of candidates to choose from, and you lose all control. There must be a better way…

At Employment Office, we can help you find the candidates you want without the hassle of doing it yourself, or the expense of a recruitment company. Instead, you get the best of both worlds. We attract and screen candidates for you without charging per person or a percentage of salary.

Unlike the dinosaurs, Employment Office is here to stay! We understand that our success lies not only in the quality of the services we provide, but also in the effectiveness of our dynamic, multi-disciplinary team. We value our staff, which is why we like to recognise the Employee of the Month!

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