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The Ecclesbourne School

About Us

I have great pleasure in offering you the warmest of welcomes to The Ecclesbourne School. Since opening more than fifty years ago as a small county grammar school in the grounds of Duffield Hall, The Ecclesbourne School has been through many changes but, whatever our particular title or status, the school’s great strength has always been our continued commitment to providing a first class education for the children and young adults we serve. Each year we aim to build on the high standards and reputation achieved over many years, whilst looking to prepare the young people in our care for the challenges of the future.

We believe that our students are all equally important. We encourage them to welcome and celebrate their inherent differences and we operate a fully inclusive system designed to ensure all our students achieve their full potential. We encourage students to value each other and the relationships they make. We have very high expectations and we challenge every member of our school community to raise their aspirations and develop the confidence to reach for the stars.

We have a close relationship with all our primary school partners and we build on the excellent educational experiences that our students bring with them to the School by providing a wide range of exciting learning opportunities through our broad and balanced curriculum. We encourage students and staff alike to be lifelong learners as we help them to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to leave our secure school environment to further their education or to enter the world of work.

I am very proud to be the Head Teacher of The Ecclesbourne School and feel privileged to work with students, staff, parents, governors and a local community who all expect the very best from our school.

We are dedicated to improve continually the quality of education we provide. If you join us we expect you to take a full part in the life and work of the school, to meet the challenges that we offer and to endeavor to become an active member of our school community. The School’s motto, “Integrity, Tenacity, Service”, is as significant now as it was when the School opened its doors in 1957.

If you want an inspirational learning experience then Ecclesbourne is the School for you.

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Our Mission Statement

The Ecclesbourne School 2020 Vision


School Motto: Integrity, Tenacity, Service.

The Ecclesbourne School strives to be a successful and caring learning community in which individuals are inspired to meet the challenges of the future.

All members of our School Community should:

  • Acquire the knowledge and skills for now and for a fulfilling future.
  • Develop confidence in themselves and their abilities.
  • Feel valued and value others.
  • Work together effectively and with enthusiasm.
  • Create an innovative learning environment.
  • Appreciate the world at large.

The School Community includes everyone who learns and works within the School and all those with a supportive interest in the School.

Governing Principle: “To Make Our School Even Better”


All members of our school community should acquire the knowledge and skills required for now and for a fulfilling future.

Skills include:

  • communication,
  • number,
  • information technology,
  • study,
  • citizenship,
  • teamwork,
  • leadership and many more
  1. The School provides a broad, academic, practical and relevant curriculum based on personalised learning pathways.
  2. The School seeks to identify new areas of knowledge and skills and to make them available to all.
  3. The School enhances the National Curriculum by adding a diversity of opportunities inside and outside the formal curriculum and provides inspirational learning experiences.
  4. The School ensures that knowledge is used and skills practised in the contexts of work, leisure, home, the local community and the world at large.
  5. The School actively encourages staff and students to embrace new experiences as well as developing established interests.
  6. The School applies a range of assessments to monitor progress as appropriate to individual levels of development and ability.
  7. The School promotes the development of learning ‘partnerships’ between students, staff, parents and the wider community; encouraging parents to be proactive in their child’s learning.
  8. The School seeks out the views of students, parents, the local and wider community in determining its policy and practice.
  9. The School enables students to develop the skills for lifelong learning and to deal with change and uncertainty.
  10. The School provides opportunities for residents in the wider community to develop their own skills and knowledge.


All members of our school community should develop confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Confidence relates to:

  • the ability to formulate and articulate personal opinions,
  • to set priorities,
  • to solve problems,
  • to accept and offer constructive criticism,
  • to form relationships with others and to cope with life in general, now, and in the future.
  1. The School promotes an ethos of learning in which individuals extend themselves to reach their personal potential.
  2. The School recognises and celebrates all levels of achievement both inside and outside School.
  3. The School nurtures well-rounded individuals who have the skills and resilience to cope with life and all its challenges.
  4. The School seeks to raise the aspirations and expectations of individual children.
  5. The School promotes an acceptance that individuals are different.
  6. The School removes barriers to learning by ensuring equality of opportunity and supporting individuals according to their needs.
  7. The School ensures that individuals have access to accurate and up to date information of their progress and achievement.
  8. The School encourages all members of its community to work to the best of their ability.
  9. The School involves the parents in the learning of students to ensure that they have realistic expectations for their children.
  10. The School works with parents and the wider community to promote positive behaviour both within and outside its boundaries to foster further cohesion.


All members of our school community should feel valued and value others.

’Valuing’ relates to an acceptance that all people are worthwhile irrespective of their abilities or background. The School’s ethos is built upon the belief that all individuals are equally important whatever their role within the School or the community.

  1. The School encourages individuals and groups to respect each other.
  2. The School recognises and values the cultural, ethnic and religious beliefs of others and welcomes diversity.
  3. The School provides an effective guidance system in which the social and emotional needs of individuals are important considerations.
  4. The School’s culture ensures that individuals and groups celebrate and reward success both for themselves and for their peers.
  5. The School ensures that individuals understand the need for a Code of Conduct and actively support it.
  6. The School listens to the voices of individuals and groups and is seen to value their contribution.
  7. The School encourages parents, friends and the community to positively support the values embodied by the School.
  8. The School responds quickly to issues raised by parents and the wider community.
  9. The School and its wider community are committed to understanding and supporting each other.
  10. The School discourages anti-social behaviour towards individuals, groups and property both inside and outside its boundaries.


All members of our school community should work together effectively and with enthusiasm.

This means that individuals and groups know what they have to do, have the skills and resources necessary to do it, and are sufficiently motivated to do a first-rate job. It also emphasises the need for co-operation amongst a variety of teams and individuals to ensure that the School as a whole is effective.

  1. The School has clear goals, with well-defined objectives and a system for monitoring progress towards meeting them.
  2. The School provides for high quality personal and professional development in all areas of learning, teaching and supporting roles.
  3. The School provides supportive leadership and management of individuals and teams in all roles throughout the School.
  4. The School is committed to supporting individuals and teams in order to encourage and assist them in developing the quality of what they do.
  5. The School provides the resources to support individuals and teams to strive for continuous improvement in their areas of responsibility.
  6. The School celebrates individual and team success.
  7. The School has sensitive but effective measures for dealing with areas of poor performance.
  8. The School provides quality planning, preparation and assessment time to support effective learning.
  9. The School provides relevant information to parents and the community to involve them in the life and further improvement of the School.
  10. The School provides information to the communities it serves to involve residents in the life and work of the School.


All members of the school community should create an innovative learning environment.

The learning environment refers to that found both within and beyond the School gates.

  • The School supports effective learning and innovative teaching through the optimum allocation of financial resources.
  • The School ensures that building stock, appropriate to student numbers and the curriculum, is regularly re-decorated and well maintained.
  • The School provides learning environments that are stimulating and inviting places in which to learn and work.
  • The School displays work to celebrate student achievement and ensures that it is updated regularly.
  • The School is committed to sharing good practice and evaluating teaching and learning.
  • The School provides opportunities for relevant high quality professional development designed to encourage imaginative and inspirational learning and teaching.
  • The School ensures that all learners are provided with opportunities for training which make the best use of ICT equipment and applications to support their work
  • The School develops the use of the latest technology to enhance student learning and to support all aspects of its work.
  • The School uses the most appropriate and effective ways of communicating with parents and the wider community.

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