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St.Wilfrid's RC College

About Us

St.Wilfrid's is a Roman Catholic Specialist College in Mathematics and Computing, offering a broad and balanced curriculum, where each and every pupil is an equally valued member of our community. The culture of our school is based distinctively on Gospel values, which are reflected in everything we do.

We encourage pupils to demonstrate high levels of commitment and co-operation while all members of staff endeavour to provide maximum opportunities for learning and progression within a secure and safe environment.

Our education philosophy is based strongly on partnership where home, school, parish and the wider community work closely together to provide maximum support to the educational process.

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Our Mission Statement


'Excellentia per fidem, per scientiam, per adiuvatum'

'Excellence through faith, learning and support'


At. St. Wilfrid's Roman Catholic College we are comitted to inspire and develop all members of our community on a journey through faith and learning.

We strive to achieve excellence and overcome challenges through mutual respect and consideration, underpinned by Gospel values.

Faith and learning is at the heart of everything we do to ensure that every chilld fulfils their full potential.


We recognise that each student has unique and individual God-given talents. We must strive to allow and support each student, to fulfil their potential.

Different techniques will be required because they will need to be directed towards the needs of the individual.

A wide programme of studies and opportunities must be provided to allow each student to develop and mature.

This programme involves not only the usual teaching situation but will involve all members of the college community and make use of and support the wider community in which we live.

The college should be welcoming and caring and the views of each student valued and respected.

The college is a community in which all who work and learn therein should respect all others.

Co-operation is essential in order that the community may function effectively.

We must actively seek to enhance relationships amongst all members of the college community.

It is inevitable that relationships break down from time to time. We must be willing to reconcile with others and strive to rebuild broken relationships.

Each member of the college community is on a personal journey of faith. Support and opportunity must be provided to encourage this.

Each student must be encouraged to follow not only a high moral code but to accept Christian values and practices with particular reference to the Catholic faith.

The importance of the family as a unit is fundamental in all our teaching processes.

All students should gradually be given more responsibility in order that they may mature effectively. This responsibility is not only for their own development, but, to practise gospel values in the wider community.

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