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Richmond Park Academy

About Us

Welcome to the Richmond Park Academy (RPA) website. I hope you find it interesting, informative and inspirational. We are an exciting, creative and confident school. Our pledge reminds everyone that every child matters; that we promise the highest standards of teaching and learning; and that we offer the a diverse and exciting range of intra and extracurricular opportunities.

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The work in the classroom is the key in our journey towards excellence, and the number of good and outstanding lessons is very high because we believe that the classroom is the most important factor in securing high quality learning: our target is always 100% good or outstanding teaching at RPA. Our school is noted for many things:

  • Inspirational teachers. This is a much repeated comment by parents/carers, students and visitors.
  • Quality of student/staff relationships. Again, this is frequently commented upon by visitors to the academy who note the quality of relationships and positivity in the school.
  • Range of activities available. We offer a wide range of creative opportunities within the curriculum, but, equally, a wide range of extracurricular activities, including arts, sport and academic clubs. All clubs are free and delivered by teachers of the academy. There are frequent trips ranging from local theatres to the Duke of Edinburgh expeditions to visits abroad.
  • The quality of the facilities and the building. Our £10million refurbishment and new build is now completing and we are thrilled with our new cafeteria (the Oak Tree Café), our beautiful New Park Hall, our stunning library and our new Modern Languages and music suites. The whole building has been refurbished and we now have a Mac room, 6th form areas, completely modernised science labs and newly refurbished classrooms throughout the school.
  • Partnerships work. We are fortunate to have a wide variety of partners who support staff and students in many ways. We:
    • are members of the AET network, which provides a rich range of partner schools and excellent consultants
    • participate in many arts activities through our links with organisations such as the Royal Ballet, the Rose Theatre and the Royal Festival Hall
    • are members of a group of local primaries who jointly engage in projects such as The Brilliant Club and the 6UP Literacy project funded by the London Excellence Fund
    • were highly commended by the Richmond Chamber of Commerce for our Young Publishers team of students who have set up their own publishing house and are working with a local primary to publish their work as well

We are very proud of our students who in so many ways prove how wonderful young people can be. We have nearly 100 trained ambassadors, for example, and 30% of the Year 11 are prefects, self-proposed and then vetted by the Year Leader. We encourage at every opportunity the living of our values. We tell students that we value those who:

  1. have great Pride in themselves and their school
  2. are hugely Aspirational
  3. are Resilient, confident learners
  4. are Kind, courteous and responsible citizens of their communities
  5. have a range of interpersonal and work-related Skills which will enable them to flourish in later life

I hope this has whetted your appetite and piqued your interest - and I would be delighted to welcome real visitors as virtual ones so you can see our academy, students and staff for yourselves. Please call or email and we will be delighted to arrange a personal tour for you.

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Our Mission Statement

Vision, Values, Motto and Pledge

MOTTO:"To make our best better"VISION:RPA: an inspiring learning community on a journey towards excellenceMISSION:Richmond Park Academy is a school that will do everything it can to enhance its students’ education, by constantly inspiring them - from entry right through to 6th form. The Academy will do this by its imaginative curriculum offer, its range of creative and complementary activities and its outstanding teaching. Our students will develop skills for life: a love of, and respect for, learning; the highest personal expectations (“to make our best better”); and a well-developed code of moral values. They will leave RPA as accomplished young citizens, well prepared for further or higher education and the world of work.

Our Values

Richmond Park Academy values students who:

  1. Have great Pride in themselves and their school
  2. Are hugely Aspirational
  3. Are Resilient, confident learners
  4. Are Kind, Courteous and responsible citizens of their communities
  5. Have a range of interpersonal and work-related Skills which will enable them to flourish in later life

Our Code of Conduct

  • Remember value 4: be a courteous and responsible citizen.
  • Respect others and ourselves: hands, feet and objectives kept to ourselves.
  • Be ready to learn: be punctual, bring equipment, follow teacher instructions and meet RPA expectations.
  • Act safely and responsibly inside and outside the classroom and when travelling to and from school.
  • Allow just one person to speak at a time and let others learn and flourish.
  • Be a team-player, be proud of others’ and your own achievements and support one another.
  • Be ambassadors for our Academy and our community.

Our Expectations

Our expectation of maximum achievement in all areas from all our students is as rigorous as we want them to expect of themselves. We expect students to:

  • Be ready to learn: be punctual, bring equipment, follow teacher instructions and meet RPA expectations.
  • Attend on time, wearing the correct uniform and equipped with the correct resources to contribute to lessons; ensure phones and electronic devices are kept out of sight at all times.
  • Actively participate and engage in learning at school – in class, in extracurricular activities and at home, so that they can profit to the maximum from what the school offers.
  • Observe all Richmond Park Academy policies (see website for student-related ones).
  • Show resilience and determination but ask for help if a solution cannot be found.
  • Behave in a way which allows them and others to learn and flourish in school and maximise their and others’ enjoyment of their time at Richmond Park Academy.
  • Show respect for the school community and the local community at all times, including travelling to and from the academy; behave always in a dignified and thoughtful manner so that you are a credit to the Academy at all times.

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