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Middlesex University

About Us

Middlesex aims to be a global University. Based in North London, Middlesex recruits widely across the world and works in partnership to deliver outstanding higher education in many countries.

Our internationalism is key to our future ambition as North London’s university of choice.

Since 2000 we have been engaged in a campus redevelopment programme which has seen significant improvements on our growth campuses and a reduction in the number of our campuses. In 2006 the University announced that the majority of its London activities would gradually be based at its Hendon Campus.

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Our Mission Statement

At Middlesex University, we're proud to partner with leading educational institutions from the UK and around the world. By working with enthusiastic, like-minded academics, we ensure that our students access the very latest thinking and cutting edge research. We may be based in North London, but ours is a truly global University.

We have an outstanding record of collaborating with partner organisations to deliver academic excellence. Indeed, a key strength and priority of the University is that our students find openings to study abroad across a wide range of learning opportunities.

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