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At Live-N-Learn we firmly believe that confidence comes from doing. Our inspirational, and motivating workshops, encourage young people to grasp as many opportunities as possible... who knows where they might lead!

A strong message exists within all of our courses, that if you want to succeed in life, you need to take personal responsibility, and make things happen for yourself.

We believe that your intelligence, talents and personality are not fixed traits that cannot be changed. On the contrary, we advocate that all our qualities and skills can be developed through hard graft, effort and practice.

Over the last 3 years Live-N-Learn have ensured that every course we have run has focused on resilience and changing attitudes from fixed mindsets to growth mindsets. Are we saying that anyone can be a Rocket Scientist or an extremely gifted and talented footballer? NO, what we are saying is that everyone has the potential to improve on most aspects of their lives. However, in order for that improvement to occur there has to be an acknowledgement that hard work is required and a willingness to hang in there with a passion when setbacks occur.

When striving for success, people perform best when they have a sense of purpose and are willing to take personal responsibility for their own actions and their own learning. Another misconception we dispel is the notion that confidence is only evident in those who can shout from the rooftops and excel in public performance.

Confidence does not always have to be demonstrated extrovertly. People can be self assured, know what they want and set about achieving their goals with a quiet determination.

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