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Institute Of Education

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The Institute of Education is a graduate college of the University of London. It was founded in 1902 to deliver high quality training for teachers. We remain true to this aim, and every year 1,000 graduates attend our Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) courses.

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Education is critically important - in enabling individuals to lead fulfilling lives, and in building fair, cohesive and prosperous societies. The Institute is passionate about furthering education in its broadest sense, for all, and supporting those who make it possible.

To this end, our mission is to promote excellence in education and related areas of social research and professional practice through advancing knowledge and understanding.

Our work is rooted in a commitment to truth, critical reason and social justice. It is through the Institute's independent voice and unique breadth and depth of specialism, across the foundation disciplines of education, the social sciences and the humanities, that we are able to make an exceptionally rich and insightful contribution to this vital endeavour.

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