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Hartlepool Sixth Form College

About Us

Hartlepool Sixth Form College is a leading provider of high quality educational opportunities for the community enabling individuals to enjoy and challenge themselves academically, recreationally and socially.

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Our Mission Statement

The College exists to develop and enhance their abilities and skills so that students can fulfil their potential in a secure, caring, supportive and stimulating environment.

Our aim is to be acknowledged as a first choice provider of teaching and learning opportunities by ensuring that:

The College will be recognised for:

  • its clear emphasis on maximising student potential and achievement through the setting of realistic, challenging college and individual student targets
  • its care and concern in meeting the needs of individual students
  • providing a broad, imaginative, up to date and inclusive curriculum which seeks to respond to local, regional and national initiatives and the needs of students and employers
  • recruiting well qualified and professional staff who put students first and inspire them with a love of learning.
  • being a centre of excellence in preparing students for future life transitions through an inclusive personal, educational and careers guidance process.
  • being open, self critical and committed to standards of high quality and continuous improvement
  • being well equipped and resourced by maximising its physical, financial and human resources levels within its budgetary constraints
  • positive cooperation and commitment to working with other organisations within the local, regional and national community in a spirit of partnership
  • participating in activities within the local, national and international community which recognise and benefit those least able to help themselves

The students will have the opportunity to experience:

  • the challenge of high aspirations, expectations and the pursuit of excellence
  • the encouragement and support to believe in themselves, make the most of and develop their skills and talents in an enriching, success orientated environment.
  • the encouragement and support to become responsible and self disciplined in their approach to learning and study
  • a growth in self-confidence arising from personal success and achievement
  • access to up to date learning resources within the budgetary constraints of the college
  • sensitive personal, educational and careers guidance provided by a professional and dedicated staff
  • a safe, friendly, stimulating and challenging learning environment with a sense of community which grows from consideration, regard and respect for others.
  • the support which enables them to work with others in a spirit of trust and co-operation so that they can take their place as creative, thoughtful and responsible * citizens in the wider community

The staff, in recognition of the fact that they are the most valuable asset, will have access to a positive working environment which:

  • is forward looking, positive and proactive
  • provides good leadership and effective management which values and encourages vision
  • promotes good communication and consultation systems and procedures
  • engenders a spirit of co-operation, respect, trust, team work and professional pride
  • is success orientated and seeks to recognise staff as professional people and value them as individuals
  • embraces parity of esteem
  • embodies a supportive culture of self assessment and improvement
  • strives to identify and meet their needs for ongoing professional development and training

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