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Dinas Bran School

About Us

We are a unique, popular and friendly school where every individual can and does succeed. We are proud that our school is a centre of excellence where high expectations lead to the highest standards of achievement and behaviour.

Prospectus About us

Our students develop confidence and a sense of self-worth. They are encouraged to grow as individuals, fostering self- discipline, respect for others and an understanding of the importance of their role in our community and the world around them.

We are a top performing school where academic standards are high, extra curricular activities are extensive and discipline is good.

Our school’s motto, “Success through Effort” and our aims “To be the best School in Wales” and “to provide a first-class education for our children in a secure, calm, enjoyable and stimulating atmosphere” are translated into action through the hard work, commitment and expertise of our staff and the happy, positive ethos at our school.

The school is unique in providing first class education and international experiences for all students. At the heart of our international experience, Ysgol Dinas Brân inspires all to become worldwide ambassadors and to champion causes for the underprivileged. All students develop citizenship through links with our partner schools in France, Germany, Hungary, Spain, India, Italy, Poland, and the Yemen, and in our endeavours to become a totally eco-friendly and healthy school.

Ysgol Dinas Brân is a local community school with a national reputation for excellence. We hope our prospectus conveys some of the atmosphere of our school and gives you an insight into what we do. We look forward to welcoming parents and children to our school.

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Our Mission Statement

Every child matters. All students are known as individuals and valued for their contribution to our community.

The school caters for all, stretching and supporting everyone regardless of ability. We have a first class Most Able and Talented programme where the most able students are encouraged to extend their learning and are challenged in many different ways. Fast tracking enables some pupils to sit their GCSEs early and opportunities for individual study programmes are put into place. We are proud of our links with Universities, particularly Oxford and Cambridge, and use them to help secure Further Education places for our students.

We have both a Learning Support Centre and a Behaviour Support Centre on the school site. These excellent facilities support students who may have difficulties in mainstream. Individual education plans are drawn up and the focus is very much on developing confidence and the desire to succeed. Copies of our Additional Learning Needs Policy are available on request. We work closely with outside agencies to support all students.

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Dinas Bran School Dinas Bran School