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Cambian Education

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We’re the UK’s largest provider of specialist residential education and care for young people with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. And we’re part of the larger Cambian Group with Mental Health Rehabilitation Hospitals and community-based units throughout the UK.

Over 30 years’ experience has given us real insight into the difficulties that our students face every day. Our approach helps them to meet and overcome their challenges and to modify their behaviours, allowing them to learn.
They learn to communicate and socialise. They learn how to manage their daily lives and to live more independently. They learn to enjoy new activities and skills. And with the right encouragement and support, they begin to achieve success.
For some, that might mean passing their A-levels. For others, it could simply be improved communication and greater participation in family life. It could also mean learning how to get their needs met without using challenging behaviour. But in every case, it marks a significant step forward. And it’s knowing you’ve helped them take it that makes this such hugely rewarding work.

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