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Burton and South Derbyshire College

About Us

At Burton College, we open up a world of opportunity for many people through the provision of education and training. We recognise the important role our staff play in our work, contributing their own expertise to our forward looking environment.

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Our Mission Statement

At Burton and South Derbyshire College we are committed to providing a valuable and supportive learning experience for all learners, helping them achieve their career and learning objectives and make a positive contribution to society. To support this commitment we have stated, through the following core values and behaviours, how we will interact with our learners and staff and how this will be reciprocated.

Value 1

The Learner is our Focus: We place the Learner at the heart of everything we do

Behaviours for Value 1

Students will

1. Support each other
2. Feel proud to be a Burton and South Derbyshire College student
3. Work hard and take responsibility for their own learning journey

Staff will

1. Recognise and reward good performance
2. Support colleagues in their efforts to focus on the Learner
3. Offer consistent support, ensuring high standards are maintained across all departments

Leaders will

1. Acknowledge and reward good performance
2. Establish and communicate standards and expectations
3. Strive to create a safe environment, where everyone is treated fairly

Value 2

Consistently Achieving: We strive to help everyone to achieve their maximum potential

Behaviours for Value 2

Students will

1. Feel valued and supported by staff and peers alike
2. Aim high, and strive to do their best
3. Feel able to ask for help and support

Staff will

1. Do their utmost to help the Learner achieve their maximum potential
2. Set good examples, behaving professionally at all times
3. Focus on the individual’s needs, giving support and guidance

Leaders will

1. Continuously review systems to ensure the best support is in place to allow everyone to achieve their potential
2. Lead by example, setting high standards
3. Listen to feedback & take appropriate action to meet the changing needs of the College

Value 3

Valued & Respected: Our culture is one where every individual is valued and shown respect

Behaviours for Value 3

Students will

1. Abide by, and endorse, College rules
2. Be courteous to others
3. Take care of their environment

Staff will

1. Treat learners as individuals, with individual needs
2. Demonstrate good behaviour, being punctual and courteous
3. Support and be loyal to colleagues

Leaders will

1. Spend time with learners and staff
2. Share information when appropriate, in a timely and consistent manner
3. Encourage transparency, honesty and integrity, leading by example

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