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Bulwell Academy

About Us

The Bulwell Academy is proud of its heritage yet is firmly placed in the 21st century. We aim to provide an education tailored to meet the needs of each of our students to ensure they are ready to embrace their future as successful 21st century citizens. The vision of the academy is one where everybody will aim to achieve the highest standards and where the academy will maximise everyone’s potential. This can be summed up by our vision statement: “Everyone Achieves”

Our proactive approach to developing positive outcomes for our students has been recognised by business leaders and we were awarded the 'School of the Year Award'by the Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce in October 2013.

This academy is for the benefit of the community of Bulwell and its surrounding areas. We wish to bring outstanding teaching and learning to the benefit of our students and we will continue to welcome change and development to achieve this.

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Our Mission Statement

At The Bulwell Academy we believe that all young people are entitled to be included so that they may learn, and develop alongside each other within their local community. Parents should have confidence that their child’s needs are fully met throughout their education at the Academy.

All young people, whatever their needs, should have access to a supportive learning environment and an appropriate curriculum, with teaching strategies that maximise achievement and enable progress by removing barriers to learning and providing a wide range of learning opportunities to engage, stimulate and challenge.


The Academy will proactively seek to ensure that provision for children with special educational needs is a matter for the academy as a whole. All members of staff have important day to day responsibilities to:

  • Ensure that teachers in the Academy are aware of or able to identify and provide for those students who have special educational needs.
  • Include students with SEN/D so far as is reasonably practical within the subject material.

The Academy seeks to ensure that every teacher is a teacher of every young person including those with SEN/D. It is the aim of the Academy to provide support in a fully inclusive manner to ensure:

  • There is a high quality provision for students with SEN/D
  • All students with Special Educational Needs are identified and assessed
  • SEN resources are allocated efficiently and fairly
  • All students have access to a broad and balanced curriculum
  • All staff are kept informed of SEN/D assessments and support strategies
  • All staff receive appropriate training and support in teaching students with SEN/D
  • The Academy works in partnership with students, parents/carers and external agencies to provide the best possible outcomes for students with SEN/D.

This means that students with SEN/D will take part in lessons in their classroom with their peers. This may be in small groups including the ‘Nurture’ groups or within individual support interventions where appropriate.

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