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Bright Tribe

About Us

Bright Tribe Trust is bringing a new energy and approach to providing the best education for children.

We operate in the North and South East of England. Working together, from local offices in each area, we support the schools in our network to deliver the best possible education for our young people. We bring together expertise from the education field and the professionalism and influences of commercial partners, all under the leadership of Professor David Hopkins.

We pride ourselves on adopting a personal pathway for every child, taking into account the individual’s needs, aspirations and talents. This enables us to transform the learning of children, raise standards and provide the highest quality learning environments, enabling learners and teaching staff to thrive and be the best.

We are committed to Continued Professional Development (CPD) and training at all levels and as we develop we will provide excellent opportunities for career progression and advancement. One of the benefits of joining a multi-academy trust is the greater opportunities that a larger community can provide.

If you share our vision and would like to make a significant difference to the lives of children, we would like to hear from you.

Please visit for further information.

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Our Mission Statement

Our guiding principles are based around the values “Learn, Grow, Prosper”.

People – students, staff, parents and careers – are at the heart of Bright Tribe’s vision. Our investment in teaching and learning, school leadership teams, continuing professional development and the adoption of personalised learning are core elements that make Bright Tribe academies unique and will enable them to be successful and achieve world-class results.

We bring fresh ideas, creative ways of working and an ethos that embraces challenge and change. Our team combines leading educational provision with the best professional business management skills, enabling our schools to focus on what they do best – delivering outstanding education.

The standards we set are very high. We aim to set the lead for others to follow; in curriculum, in teaching and learning, in staff development, in technology and environment, and in school leadership and performance.

We are an extraordinary community. Through our community of academies we aim to provide the best life opportunities for all our young people, to raise the aspirations of all who encounter us, and to help revolutionise the education landscape.

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