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Bede Academy

About Us

Whether you are a student, a parent, a friend of the Academy or a visitor I am delighted to invite you to explore Bede Academy.

Our vision can be simply stated as excellence for all. We seek to provide our students with an outstanding education underpinned by traditional Christian values. Within a supportive environment, students are challenged to achieve their personal best and inspired to serve others with their talents. As members of an Academy which is safe and well-ordered, students can be confident to take risks as they explore their potential.

Here at Bede we value wisdom, not just head knowledge. We are delighted to equip our students with the knowledge and skills they need for the workplace, but to see them develop in character thrills us more. By putting character first, we seek to show students that our community is enriched by their willingness to use their gifts to serve others. A good work ethic, mutual respect and responsibility are key qualities which are nurtured in Bede Academy students as we recognise that all are made in the image of God.

As a 3-18 Academy, we know that a strong community is vital. One of our core values reminds us that the world does not exist for us alone and we are committed to benefiting Blyth and South East Northumberland. Bede Academy students serve local residents at our Residents’ Tea Party and improve community areas each year on Environment Day. We are delighted to host an Engineering and Enterprise Forum where we partner with local business leaders to help our students to develop into the future workforce that the North East requires.

We strive to ensure that our staff team is characterised by dedication, commitment and service to students. Bede Academy teachers seek to engage students’ minds (not just their attention) so that increasingly they think independently. Staff model good leadership to our students as they hold them accountable, and ensure that they understand that actions have positive or negative consequences. Relationship is central to all that we do; our success is dependent on the contribution of each member of the Academy community.

While people matter most, we are delighted that the Academy has such good facilities. Specialising as we do in Engineering and Enterprise we have well-equipped modern laboratories and workshops, interactive whiteboards in every classroom and over 750 workstations. Students explore their creative talents in our drama and recording studios and challenge themselves physically in our modern gym and on the floodlit astroturf pitches.

Five core beliefs shape our approach to education:

In loco parentisParents carry the primary responsibility for their children’s education and welfare; teachers are to be respected because they are in the place of a parent”

Character firstCharacter is of enduring value, and should be cultivated as an end in itself

High expectationsEvery child is made in God’s image and has intrinsic worth and great potential; we aim for each student to achieve their personal best

Interdependent learningStudents learn most effectively from teachers who possess expertise in their subject, know how to provoke thought and prove worthy of the authority invested in them

Knowledge for a purposeOur students will be called to be leaders in their generation, and their education should equip them to serve others

I trust you enjoy reading about the Academy and the opportunities given to students to support and encourage them to achieve their personal best.

Gwyneth Evans

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Our Mission Statement

To provide and support schools in which all students and staff have the opportunity to work hard to achieve their personal best.

To encourage personal, moral and spiritual development within a Christian framework.

To create and sustain educational environments where everyone is equally valued.


The ethos of the Foundation’s schools is based on the traditional Christian faith. However, the schools are non-selective and, as such, are open to children of all faiths and none. We believe that Jesus offers us the perfect example of how to know God and love our neighbour as ourselves. From this belief springs a conviction that every child, without exception, is made in the image of God and has inherent worth and is worthy of respect. The Emmanuel Schools Foundation is committed to providing a well- rounded education in which all children have the opportunity to realise their full potential as human beings -intellectually, socially, physically, spiritually and morally. Whilst at all times respecting the individuals right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.

The Christian Ethos of our schools will mean we:

  1. Positively value every person attending, working in or associated with our schools
  2. Support, encourage and reward people in our schools
  3. Have high expectations of people and promote the pursuit of personal best
  4. Promote grace, gentleness and kindness within each school
  5. Encourage all to look to the interests of others as well as their own
  6. Love others as we would love ourselves
  7. Develop an appreciation of the importance of serving others
  8. Act fairly, and in a spirit of mutual respect and humility
  9. Promote a spirit of joy, excitement and thankfulness in all that we do
  10. Present the Christian faith not just in intellectual terms but as a living faith with the ability to affect our individual and corporate lives for good.

Core Values

We aspire, whether we be students or staff, that all of our work will be characterised by the following values:

Honourable Purpose

We aim to be positive in everything, doing what is good and aiming to benefit others as well as ourselves.


We seek to do our personal best without bragging and to encourage others to achieve their best without being critical or jealous of their efforts.


We care for those who are in difficulty and who are hurting, recognising that the world does not exist for us alone.


We can be trusted to be honest and truthful, to say what we mean and to do what we say.


We recognise that having the freedom to express ourselves means we must also accept responsibility for our words, thoughts and actions.


We aim to do what is right, whatever the cost; we stand up for the weak, whatever the danger; we face our fears and find ways of defeating them.


We know that hard work and the refusal to give up are essential if we are to achieve anything worthwhile.

Bede Academy motto

Veritas vos liberabit

The Truth Shall Set You Free

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