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Asquith Day Nurseries

About Us

We embrace experimental development

At Asquith, we believe in creating experiential learning opportunities by offering environments and activities that inspire the imagination and natural curiosity of the developing mind. Of course, we support exploration in a controlled and secure way, explaining the dangers of what might happen in certain situations, steering children away from unacceptable risk.

We provide safe environments, yet allow them to explore how they use the equipment available to them. In doing so, we build up ‘risk literacy’, an important aspect of development that encourages our children to learn how to keep themselves safe. A child’s development will involve many new experiences.

When each new exhilarating experience is successfully mastered it lays down the necessary skills for future development. It might start with their first faltering steps, to the ascent of stairs and learning how to pedal a tricycle.

Children learn at an early age what it means to take a risk, albeit getting the occasional bump or scrape along the way. It gives the older child the essential courage, judgement skills and coping mechanisms to equip them to progress for instance, onto two wheels, or learn how to ride a horse and eventually to explore the big wide world.

'safe and sound' nursery environment

Ofsted say in their publication, 'Safe and Sound', that 'outstanding' settings are those in which children learn how to keep themselves safe and have their concerns taken seriously. They are looked after by adults who are suitable, well qualified, and who fully understand their role. They will operate clear child safety procedures and assess and manage risks effectively.

a 'can do' approach to childcare

Our regional Quality & Standards team comprises of three health and safety professionals as well as a food safety adviser. They have many years of experience of effective management in this area, gained in healthcare, the Armed Forces, the construction industry and the civil service.

Asquith Nursery staff are trained in managing risk and will not expose your child to unacceptable dangers, nor will they create a cotton-wool environment. Our policies, procedures and training are designed to promote a ‘can do’ approach providing the risk is assessed and controlled.

If an accident were to happen, our staff are trained in first aid and accident investigations enable us to learn and improve. We constantly strive to strike a balance between providing a rich learning environment and ensuring the health, safety and welfare of your child.

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Our Mission Statement

The formative years of your child's life are key to their ongoing educational, physical and social development. It is of the utmost importance to us to give them the best possible beginning. There is a growing consensus amongst researchers and Early Years professionals around what a good quality nursery provides.

In order to achieve the necessary standards, not only do we provide well-resourced facilities but we attract and retain highly trained staff who have a thorough understanding of children and how they develop and learn.

Learning opportunities

The Asquith family vision is to deliver rich learning experiences to our children. We do this by providing stimulating and exciting opportunities that promote every child’s individual learning and development in unrivalled surroundings.

Every Asquith nursery is equipped to support a variety of opportunities for children to develop in all areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, and for our Edinburgh and Renfrew Day Nurseries, the Scottish Birth to Three Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence.

We believe in promoting independence and confidence through a nursery experience that will make a significant difference to your child's future development.

Research shows that children are active learners and our environments and activities are designed to give children the opportunities to learn through discovery and exploration, thus stimulating their natural curiosity, creativity and imagination.

individuality in childcare

Each of our nurseries have adopted their own unique logo, designed by our nationwide team of young, yet undoubtedly talented artists - our children!

This is hugely important to us as it gives each nursery an individual identity and a personal feel, whilst maintaining the core values of the Asquith family and our ever-growing reputation for superb care.

Nursery staff training

Staff development is paramount and our Open University initiative was launched in 2007 offering all our nursery staff the opportunity to study for a Certificate in Early Years Practice (an NVQ Level 4 equivalent).

We offer the best training opportunities to our staff to support and build on our Early Years Foundation Curriculum, and for our Edinburgh and Renfrew Day Nurseries, the Scottish Birth to Three Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence.

We want parents and the regulatory bodies (Ofsted, CSSIW and the Care Commission) to see us as the leading provider of high quality childcare and education. We take nothing for granted and are committed to constantly monitoring, evaluating and improving our standards of care.

We are currently working with other organisations including Local Authority Early Years Departments, local schools and teachers, The National Day Nurseries Association and The Open University to ensure that we keep up to date with current 'best practice' and are capable of offering the very best to your child.

We are also working with Learning through Landscapes, developing our outdoor provision to ensure that we offer the same opportunities to learn in a varied outdoor environment.

communication with parents

We recognise how important it is to keep parents and nursery staff informed as much as possible and we communicate our news and views regularly to parents via e-mails and nursery newsletters. These are published regularly throughout the year.

first class childcare in our nurseries

We realise that it is imperative we earn the trust and confidence of you, the parent. We want you to be happy with what we do and how we do it. We also pride ourselves in understanding the importance of instilling confidence and enthusiasm in your child from an early age.

After all, our collective aim is for happy and contented children who enjoy living in a culture that nurtures and values the importance of a happy childhood.

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