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Arrow Vale Community High School

About Us

Arrow Vale is a mixed 13-18 comprehensive situated in eastern Redditch. The school is set in an attractive setting and caters for 900 students with a Sixth Form of 150. We provide an excellent learning environment for our students and as a Sports College, for the wider community.

Arrow Vale is a happy place – our students tell us so. We want them to be happy so that they are able to use their talents and skills to achieve the potential that exists in all individuals. We want our students to experience a quality education which sets the highest standards and aspirations for all students. The ethos of the school centres on the core values of academic success, discipline, personal responsibility and self-respect.

The curriculum offered at Arrow Vale reflects the varied needs of our students. It is broad and offers challenges and opportunities from the most able student to those who benefit from a more work-centred or vocational approach. Support is offered to our most gifted students as well as those with special educational needs. Our curriculum is delivered by a team of highly specialised and motivated staff – both teaching and non-teaching. Teaching and learning are supported by strong pastoral care through form tutors and heads of year so that the individual needs of students are catered for.

We aim to work in partnership with parents, middle schools and the wider community to provide our students with the skills and experiences they need to become active contributors in the world beyond school.

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Our Mission Statement

RSA Academy Arrow Vale is an inclusive school where we work together so that all aim high and achieve their very best. Discovery and innovation are at the heart of all that we do.

Learning for each person at Arrow Vale is significantly enhanced by the strengths of our collaborations through the RSA and other partnerships. The school is recognised as an outwardly facing learning community, proactive in partnerships locally, nationally and internationally to ensure we achieve our vision.

As an RSA Academy, Arrow Vale will work within the family of schools, in the true spirit of collegiality, to secure the best possible education for each and every student at the Arrow Vale Academy. We subscribe to the RSA education agenda, and in particular are committed to:

  • Realising human capability
  • Educational improvement and social justice focused especially on narrowing the socio-economic attainment gap, so that we enable all young people to achieve
  • Whole education, including:
    • maintaining the value of both skills and knowledge
    • educating for citizenship and employability
    • an engaging, relevant curriculum

We strive hard to ensure:

  • teaching is of the very highest quality;
  • staff go the extra mile for students at risk of not achieving excellence;
  • students access a curriculum that is challenging and engaging for all and fosters a strong work ethic;
  • learning ensures deep knowledge and understanding, flexible skill development and technological capability to communicate, enjoy living and work successfully;
  • entrepreneurship and innovation are encouraged;
  • a highly supportive and caring environment;
  • parents and carers are fundamental partners in ensuring each child’s success;
  • students fully develop an understanding of their place locally, nationally and internationally, as British citizens
  • students have a strong sense of citizenship and empathy for others, and an understanding that the freedom to choose and hold other faiths is protected in law;
  • that the values of honesty, integrity, respect and tolerance are tangible;
  • students distinguish right from wrong and respect the rule of civil and criminal law in England
  • high personal expectation and maturity are proactively fostered;
  • students achieve in a wide range of experiences both in and beyond the classroom
  • that leadership is developed
  • students respect democracy, and willingly participate in the democratic processes
  • students have the opportunity to enjoy the arts, sport, leisure, cultural, work-based and other experiences;
  • students acquire a broad general knowledge of and respect for the public institutions in England
  • that quality and endeavour are valued;
  • personal achievement is celebrated;
  • students’ self-esteem is paramount.

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