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About Us

About us

Ark is an education charity and one of the country’s top-performing academy operators. Our network comprises both new-start and transition schools that have become Ark academies. Our aim is to create outstanding schools that give every Ark pupil the opportunity to go to university or pursue the career of their choice.

To achieve this, our schools prioritise six key principles:

  1. High expectations
  2. Exemplary behaviour
  3. Excellent teaching
  4. Depth before breadth
  5. More time for learning
  6. Knowing every child

Ark runs a range of health, welfare and education projects in the UK, Southern Africa, India and Eastern Europe. Ark has established two external education leadership programmes, Teaching Leaders and Future Leaders, which train middle and senior leaders for schools that serve England’s most deprived areas.

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Our Mission Statement

Our six pillars

We want every Ark pupil to do well enough by 18 to go to university or pursue the career of their choice. To achieve this, our schools prioritise six key principles:

High expectations

With the right teaching and support, we believe every child can realise their potential. We set exceptionally high expectations for all our pupils and do whatever it takes to achieve them. Our aspirations are no lower for our most vulnerable pupils.

Exemplary behaviour

Our schools are characterised by a respectful and orderly environment, where teachers focus on teaching and pupils on learning. Good behaviour is taught, reinforced and recognised throughout every school and poor behaviour is not tolerated. We do not accept excuses and we do not make any either.

Excellent teaching

A teacher is the most important factor affecting pupil achievement. We work side by side with our teaching staff to ensure excellent teaching and support them with exceptional training and development. To ensure no child is left behind, we have developed data management tools which allow teachers to monitor pupils’ progress and quickly identify when children, or indeed teaching staff, need extra support.

Depth before breadth

When pupils secure firm foundations in English and mathematics, they find the rest of the curriculum far easier to access. That’s why we prioritise depth in these subjects, giving pupils the best chance of academic success. To support fully our pupils’ achievement in maths, we have developed the TES Award winning Mathematics Mastery programme, a highly-effective curriculum and teaching approach inspired by pupil success in Singapore and endorsed by Ofsted. We teach Mathematics Mastery in all our primary schools and at Key Stage 3 in a selection of our secondary schools. It is also being implemented in over 170 schools beyond our network.

We also dedicate more time to literacy and English than other schools to encourage a love of reading and develop fluent communication skills. We have two programmes that focus specifically on phonics teaching and early spoken language skills. We also train all of our teachers to be aware of possible barriers to learning and how to support children if more help is needed.

More time for learning

To embed core subjects and make time for enrichment, many of our schools run a longer school day. Others are open at weekends and during school holidays, offering revision and master classes as well as residential stays, day trips and summer schools. In all our schools, every hour of every day is devoted to children learning and no time is wasted.

Knowing every child

We organise our schools so that every pupil knows and is known well by their teachers.Children do best when teachers and families work together: we involve families in all aspects of school life and encourage participation and collaboration. We keep parents well informed of pupils’ targets and progress and work together to understand any challenges children may face at home or at school. Together we aim to create a safe, happy and dynamic school environment.

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